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A Midlands Meander weekend

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Those of you who know the KZN Midlands don’t need to be told about the variety available there. Shopping, good food and restuarants, wine, sights, activities and so on.

But for those of you who have yet to visit the area, let me give you a small appetizer. There is plenty of accommodation, priced across the range. Restuarants abound, and good food is plentiful. Try Hartford House, La Lampara, Granny Mouse, Rawdons, Caversham Mill…. to name but a few…

La Lampara menu of the day…


Piggly Wiggly is no longer just a restuarant and a few shops, but a thrtiving hive of a cross section of art and crafts, fashion, food, odds and ends, wine and country hospitality. 

The Nelson Madela capture site has been upgraded and now consists of a museum, shop, restuarant/tea room and of course the new and incredibly brilliant piece of art work which makes up the memorial. Viewed from a distance and the wrong angle, this looks like an arbitary collection of steel poles stuck in the ground, making no sense at all. When viewed at the right angle and position a perfect image of Madiba appears. A matter of inches make the difference here between a good, and a fair image.


monument to Madiba…

Autumn and winter can be cold, and log fires and good wine help ease the discomfort. Abingdon winery on the Currys Post road from Lions River is one such place. Jane is a wonderful host and awesome cook. Her meals bear testimony to that; Ian, her husband and owner is a wonderful source of knowledge and inspiration when it comes to wine. Their operation is the first full (and genuine) wine (growing and making of) farm in Kwa Zulu Natal. I may be no expert, but the wines that I tasted were pretty damn good; one of which, the Cabernet Sauvignon, has made it’s way into the top wines of the Southern Hemisphere according to two top American New York based experts. 

Abingdon dining room, great in cold and wet weather


The fresh air option at Abingdon, wonderful in spring and summer

We spent a really enjoyable, knowlegeable two hours there. The vegetarian platter that we shared for lunch was delicious and complimented the wine we selected.

However, Abingdon is not the only place where good wine and food may be tasted. The Wine Cellar at Granny Mouse has been recognised over the years as a premier source of good, top quality wines. One can also book the cellar for lunch or dinner and enjoy eating high quality fare in a cosy, intimate environment, surrounded by a wide selection of wines. The table can comfortably seat eight, making this an ideal and unique location for a special occasion.

a wine cellar panorama

 There are numerous places to see and visit. Culamoya Chimes is a must for those into chimes and high quality craftmanship. Chimes of all sizes, shapes and tones abound. Art and craft shops are scattered far and wide in the area, providing a constant source of potential goods for the visitors. The gastromony side is well catered for, and visitors will find a wide range of yummy foods to take home.


Of course, the area is still predominantly rural and a farming community. The landscape is pretty, rivers and streams, interspersed with forest and hills. If one takes the time to drive towards the mountains from Nottingham road, you may be treated to some awesome and picturesque views. we were lucky enough to see snow on the Berg.


The Midlands has variety, artistic and photographic opportunities and a great place to explore, whether at leisure over a few days, or on a Sunday drive. You will return.

I bid you adieu with a small selection of images I took whilst there last weekend



maritime Midlands???





















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