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A walking trip through Val d’Orcia

Posted on: November 6th, 2012 by andrewrhb No Comments

all part of our bucket list….

vines of the Brunella variety lined up on the road out of Montalcino to San Quirico

well, we finally finished our trip to Italy and Croatia…

and I have split my photo’s into various parts of the journey.

We had decided to do a 3 day self guided hike through part of the Val d’Orcias region of Tuscany, an area that I fell in love with.

Starting in Montalcino, and taking an easy path through San Quirico, Bagno Vignoni, Pienza, Montechiello and finishing off in Montepulciano; we hiked on dusty roads, under clear autumnal blue skies with cypresses, vineyards, olive trees and the occasional hunter as our companions.

view of the Val d’Orcia from the Rocca in Montalcino

The photos that I am showing here are my interpretations of one of the most photographed parts of the planet. I have tried to capture the autumnal feel of the Val d’Orcia and the towns that we visited along the way.

a lone cypress, overwhelmed by the ploughed fields around it

The walk itself is very easy and anybody with a modicom of fitness should be able to finish three days with minimal effort..

a sepia interpretation of the farm land

the promise of an ice cold beer, or refreshing vini bianci, or the irrepressible spritzer aperol was all we needed to complete the normally steep climbs into each of our daily destinations…

walking the country lane up to Pienza

every town has it’s own specialities of which they are fiercely proud; Montacino it’s world renowned Brunella wine. Pienza with it’s pecorino cheeses, a delightful and delicious cheese made from goats milk in the local tradition. Montepulciano, their Nobile wine..

a range of the Pecorino cheeses in a formaggio shop in Pienza.. a cheese lovers paradise

the accomodation was comfortable and clean, with the size of the bathrooms being my only concern…. alot of B&Bs have recently been adapted from the old buildings and space is a problem.. when one is 6′ 3″, legroom and headroom sometimes was a problem.. 

Breakfasts were either taken at the establishment, or at a local cafe bar which has entered an agreement with the B&B. traditionally cold breakfasts with coffee, croissants, maybe some cheese and proscuittio, and another cup of coffee…. our favourite was in Montepulciano on the day we left… a small, early opening cafe with an exuberant manager and dancing clientele..


the colours and texture of the soil changed from field to field

given the size and beauty of the Val d’Orcia, we only covered a small part.. for those who are fitter and have more time on their hands, walks of up to 8 days will be an option… and yes I do have one bit of advice, get a good map of the region… although the walks are easy, a wrong turn can send you off in the wrong direction… as we experienced… however by buying a good ordinace map , I was easily able to find my way back…

afternoon sunlight reflecting off the town walls of Montepulciano

if you like walking, love the countryside, are into nature, or just love history, good food and good wine… this is for you… give it a try



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