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At last….. the travels begin…..

Posted on: September 8th, 2018 by andrewrhb No Comments

So, after what seemed to be an eternity, my leave is here…..

It didn’t start too well, I sliced off the end of my thumb whilst slicing some ginger, but that is a minor detail…. Thursday, almost 1 PM and I’m waiting for Karen to arrive…. she left Jozi a little later than planned, and I, being a human of infinite patience (not), have been trying to keep myself occupied…. a visit to the chiropractor, a haircut, check my luggage, cameras, provisions, paperwork, passport, itinerary for the umpteenth time…. I’ve caught up with my washing; coffee? yup another cup…. eish…

The weather for the first three days predicts rain, and I’m not overjoyed…. I haven’t pitched a tent in ages, and here it looks as though I will be doing so this weekend in the rain…. go figure….. anyway, I will continue this later….

And, on day three, I am back……we have made it to St Lucia, along with the huge amount of rain that is sweeping up the coast and through SA….  we arrived in time to unpack, and then go to the Skiboat club for supper, always a good bet, the food is good; large portions and the beer always cold…

Yesterday saw me get out and photograph a very colourful, Rasta type shop on the side of the road, and I got talking to the owner, a wonderful, colourful and well travelled character…. she was one of the most interesting people I have met in ages…

the most interesting shop owner I have met in a long while

from there I visited the beach, which was pretty devoid of fishermen and swimmers…. and although it’s not my Jimny on the beach, there was a Jimny… Suzuki SA are you watching????

beach, rods, seagulls and Jimny

Then, it was time to start the “Find the Leopard”,, not that I held out for much luck yesterday. The western shores of Isamagaliso are not renowned for that much wildlife, and nobody I know has seen a leopard on that side…but still, one has to make the effort… It was, however, one of the more rewarding drives I have taken through that section, we saw a pretty wide variety of wildlife, but alas, no leopard, no elephants, no rhinos… not that I expected much. The wind also ensured that birding wasn’t going to be too great either….. What was of interest to me though was the number of bakkies and vehicles I found parked alongside the roads inside the park…. maybe someone out there can illuminate the reasons for this… my personal take is that the community are allowed to take various roots and plants (especially the traditional healers) but I would like confirmation if possible….


A stately looking waterbuck

We then rushed down to the jetty in time to catch the Hippo and Croc tour boat, which took us out onto the estuary. The wind was picking up and dark clouds were gathering… and I watched in a little trepidation as the storm that started inland slowly made its way towards St Lucia. The light rapidly got worse and made good photography a little hard, I ended up setting my ISO at 6400 to get any decent images… and this can be seen on some of the photos….

the smile on the “nile’ crocodile

However, apart from the customary hippos and crocs, we were fortunate enough to get a fish eagle, not only flying overhead, but sitting and posing nicely for us all…. I must admit I’m pretty chuffed with that image, as the waves were choppy and the light very poor…

the posing fish eagle…

We made it back to shore as the heavens opened, and as we returned to our B&B, the power throughout St Lucia went off… only to return at least three hours later…. a result of the storm that raged around us…

All in all, not a bad start to the trip… though no cigar…. at least not with the leopard….







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