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Seeking the Leopard…….. the preview….

Posted on: August 17th, 2018 by andrewrhb No Comments

I have, finally, after way too much of a break, decided to re-activate my blog….. and hopefully get a few followers for my upcoming road trip.

“Seeking the Leopard”

I have only once ever seen a leopard in the wild, and never photographed one….

So I have decided to do a road trip, starting in just under three weeks time, with the priority being to find the elusive spotted cat…

I shall be doing the road trip with Karen, who hails from the metropolis of Johannesburg, a lover of nature, road trips and getting away from the city…. I also need somebody responsible to keep things under control and pour my wine…. and maybe remind me that one needs to eat occasionally….

Hopefully I shall be able to post every day (wifi, signal, data etc allowing) to keep everybody (hopefully more than two or three of you) updated as the search starts and continues….

The planned route is…. up to St Lucia for two nights, I don’t expect to get lucky (with the cats that is) during this period, as we will probably only visit the Western shores and hand around the estuary for some bird photography. From there the search shall start in all seriousness, as we move to Cape Vidal for a couple of nights and hopefully a good start with the now renowned Eastern shores leopards…

This is followed by three nights at Imfolozi, which could bring anything, but hopefully a fair amount of the big five, medium five and any other five….

One night at Ithala outside Pongola will be followed by one night in Swaziland at Mlilwane wildlife sanctuary….  whilst I have run a 35km trail run through Ithala (in my more modest and athletic younger days) I have never done any game viewing there. Mlilwane will be a brand new experience entirely…

From there it is through to the good ole Kruger National Park and nine days of exploring and, yup looking for the Leopard….

All in all, I am really looking forward to this…. and hopefully some of you will follow…. I shall endeavour to keep you all updated as the plans come to fruition, or fall apart, as the case may be… oh and yes, there will hopefully be some photos to enliven the drudgery of my writing….




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