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The first weekend!!!!!! or should I say rain, wind, freezing cold…… and spilt wine!!!!

Posted on: September 15th, 2018 by andrewrhb No Comments

many apologies….. but wifi, vodacom and general connectivity have been shocking….

“Seeking the Leopard”, starting at St Lucia; after a quietish first two days, I have to admit that we chickened out of camping at Cape Vidal on the Saturday night, the weather forecast was not good, heavy rain, high winds and generally a storm to be remembered; and that hit St Lucia as predicted. Lying in our comfortable bed in our lodge in St Lucia, we congratulated ourselves on a great decision!

Sunday arrived, windy but clear, and we headed off to the campsite, via a slow trip through the Eastern shores, seeing many fine specimens of Eland, Waterbuck and Buffalo. On arrival we made our excuses for being a day late, and the staff agreed, apparently it had been hectic, and our little tent would have been swept , or washed, away…..


one of St Lucias finest keeping an eye on us


But fate works in mysterious ways; we thought we had got away with it, hah!!!! nature, on the other hand had several more surprises up its sleeve…

a young eland wondering why we were there

I know the monkeys in Cape Vidal pretty well from previous experience. However they have stepped up their level of expertise since my last visit: our bread rolls were first to go, whilst we were still working from the car; these little bastards have snatch and grab down to a fine art! Then once we had erected and secured the tent, locked the car, we took a walk, or should I say stagger, on the now windswept beach; nary a fisherman in sight and only a few hardened souls even daring a sand blasting were on the beach, possibly a portent of what was still to come.

As we returned to the tent, I saw a thief, a furry one with a tail, run from our tent. Fearing the worst I dashed down, only to see a handful more monkeys make an escape, somehow the little shits have learnt to open zips, bypass interlocking (a very basic one at that) system; and kindly eaten, or tasted, virtually our entire stock of fresh produce! The tent was a mess of note, not the start we wished for….

little camp duiker at Cape Vidal

I went out again, seeking the mysterious leopard: and this time it was a poor show all round. The wind was picking up, clouds were starting to build up, the light was dropping and even photography became a bit of a hit and miss! My ISO was set at 6400, just to get any type of shot; hence the noise in a lot of my images.

just watching

flying into the upcoming storm.

maybe the dung beetles were telling us something…

Things got worse from there!

By the time I returned to the campsite, the wind was heavy, with some big gusts every now and then. Big enough to uproot the tent pegs holding the front of the flysheet and send part of it, well, flying…. Sensing rain we made an early dinner and I started on the red wine, possibly having an intuition of what was coming.

We hadn’t even finished cooking and the first squalls hit us. Eish! I was in between cooking, and replacing the uprooted tent pegs; and getting drenched. Inevitably the sense of humour started failing. K, on the other hand, had comfortably numbed herself with a couple of glasses of white wine, and thought this rather hilarious. This did not help my mood; which was dealt a further blow when I knocked over a full glass of red in the tent. The final straw! I dragged a sleeping bag over me, and listening to the rain beating down, intermingled with gusts of wind, eventually sulked myself to sleep.

Leopards!!!!! Hah, who really wanted to see one!!!!!!



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